21:00 Atl. Nacional -Patriotas 2 (2,70)

The whole team of Nacioanl Medelin (20 players) already flew to Paraguay to play semifinals of Copa Sudamericana. Home team will play this game with some other players from B team.
Those players are included in trip to Paraguay: Ibargüen(31/9 at), Nájera(23/0 df), Berrío(24/9 at), Armani(19/0 gk), Torres(21/9 mf), Henríquez(18/0 df), Arias(21/1 mf), Bocanegra(18/7 df), Nieto(21/2 mf), Bonilla(13/0 gk), Aguilar(13/0 df), Rodríguez(20/5 at), Blanco(13/1 mf), Rescaldani(10/3 at), Velasco(9/1 df), Miller(8/0 df), Díaz(8/0 df), Guerra(9/5 mf), Mosquera(6/0 mf), Borja(6/1 at)

Patriotas Tunja is 5th team on the table and should take easily advandage to that.