15:00 Jokerit -Kunlun 1 (1.75) ice hockey

Jokerit has to win this. Kunlun is kind of a pleasant surprise of the league, with 14 wins in 27 games!!? No one really gave credit to the chinese team, but after losing some serious amount of money on betting against them, I think people are afraid of this team by now.
Nevertheless, Jokerit is far superior team and I am only scared of how unpredictable this guys are. Both teams are on fire, and have a really good run, but I will choose Jokerit since they’re playing at home.
I really trust players like Regin, Salminen or O’Neill. Hartwall Arena should be packed with jokers, and I do feel the 3-0 run of Kunlun will end today. After all, Jokerit is the kind of team who can demolish CSKA Moscow -4.5 if they catch a good day.
I don’t think Jokerit wanna go down on the wall of shame as being the 1st Finnish team to lose to China. LAME! The band of mercenaries from Beijing should go home without any succes.