20:30 Siena -Lucchese 1 (2.00)

Siena has revolutionized much of the team with quality purchases such as Neglia in attack (13 goals with Viterbese last year), Darmian midfield (Chievo Serie A), Cristiani from Como (midfielder, 5 goals last year) and Defending Brumat and Sbraga (from Padova and Siracusa), in addition to the goalkeeper Pane from Akragas.
Good indications came from the draw against Tirana few days ago in a friendly that served to test the initial training that will be used for this debut in the league.
The only absent for tomorrow the midfielder Cruciani.
Lucchese started off with a defeat at Sambenedettese in Coppa Italia last week, where he showed that he has big limits in the advanced department.
The team that came to the playoffs last season was weakened by the excellent sales of De Feo (striker 39/9), Bruccini (midfielder 40/6), Dermaku (defender 38/2) and Nobile (36/0 goalkeeper) , While among the purchases the only De Vena (striker of the Melfi 9 goals last season) and Magli (defender from Albinoleffe) are the only worthy note.
For the match tomorrow, Lopez technician Lucchese will also have several training problems to be disbanded considering the disqualification of Nolè (midfielder 35/0), Fanucchi (striker 38/6) and Tavanti (defender 18/0) and Palumbo Because of injury, in addition to the unfair conditions of Cecchini (defender 37/2) and Magli (defender) who probably will not leave the owners, forcing the technician to use the starting Baroni (18) in defense.